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PTA Budget

PTA Budget 2016-2017 coming soon!

PTA Budget

Did you know that the sole mission and passion of the Poinsettia PTA is to create the best possible learning environment for your child? A well-rounded education that goes far beyond the basics! Through its fundraising efforts, Poinsettia PTA provides quality educational programs, special events and important materials that are not provided by state and federal funding.


Wow, look at all that our PTA makes possible for our children! The funding for these programs is raised mostly by PTA’s top three annual Road To Enrichment fundraisers: Annual Fund Drive Jog-A-Thon Spring Auction. The remainder is raised through Book Fairs, Art to Remember, other fun events, and free ways to support Poinsettia.


THANKS to your family’s contributions as well as donations from community supporters ... our teachers and students are able to have these enriching programs and materials. Let’s maintain these awesome programs and strive for even more!