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Music Room

Dear Poinsettia Elementary School Parents,

The students (K-5) have had excelled in music class this spring. Classes have had hands on experience with, African drums, recorders, non pitched and pitched percussion instruments, boomwackers, and ukeleles.  Students have learned about various composers, music from around the world, folk music, patriotic music, and Americana style music.  Students have also participated in responsive movement  as they listen to various styles of music. Students have also applied their learned music skills and created their own music.  With the help of some incredible parents, the school put on it's annual variety show!  We saw some amazing talent on stage!

Over the the last few weeks, the 5th grade class has been rehearsing their graduation songs for the 5th grade graduation ceremony.  

Poinsettia Elementary School's music program has grown in many ways this year. Thanks to the support of parents and the Carlsbad Unified School District, this music program has helped and will continue to help our students develop the skills they need in order to become better learners for the rest of their lives.  Have a wonderful summer!

Kindest regards,

Mr. Satterfield

Music Teacher

Poinsettia Elementary School