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Physical Education

At Poinsettia Elementary we believe Physical Education is an important part of a well rounded student experience. The physical education program at Poinsettia Elementary School aims to help our students develop fitness, physical competence, and positive attitudes about physical activity so they can adopt healthy and physically-active lifestyles.

Research indicates children who are physically fit and active often do better in the classroom than those who aren't active. According to, physical activity increases blood flow and oxygen to the brain and may boost the growth of nerve cells in the hippocampus -- the brain's center of learning and memory. So let's get moving!

New for 2014-2015: Tone-up Tuesdays will provide 1st-5th graders a morning warm-up at the flag salute assembly. Our PE teacher instructs Grades K-5 once per week.

In addition to PE, Poinsettia students in Grades 1-5 are allotted 50 minutes of recess per day (40 minutes on early dismissal days). Children in Transitional Kindergarten (TK) and Kindergarten receive 20 minutes per day.

Our campus offers an interactive play structure with shade feature; a blacktop allowing for tetherball, basketball, volleyball, four-square, handball, hopscotch, hula hoop and jump rope; plus a large grass field with a baseball backstop and soccer nets. Our campus has a separate playground with a play structure exclusively for TK and Kindergarten students.

Want more recess time? For Grades 1-5, gates open at 7:45 am and your child is welcome to enjoy our play structure, blacktop and field until the bell rings at 8:12 am.

PES welcomes new P.E. teacher

September 15, 2014


Dear Parents:


My name is Jeana Calvillo.  I’m the new physical education teacher here at Poinsettia Elementary.  I am very excited and honored to be a part of such a great school.  I wanted to reach out to say hello and explain a little about Poinsettia’s PE program.  I plan to use a character-based curriculum that focuses on teamwork, leadership, active involvement, problem solving and effort.  I will have three basic expectations for students: (1) Listen, (2) Respect yourself and others, and (3) Try your best.

Physical Education at Poinsettia is about fun fitness where students will learn the skills necessary to enjoy a lifetime of physical activity and good health.  I want to make sure that every student has a rewarding experience and will be enthusiastic, active, confident and having fun, regardless of their natural physical ability.

I want to create a safe learning environment and minimize the potential for injuries, so I would ask that you to please make sure your child comes to school with athletic appropriate shoes.   I also encourage you to provide a hat and/or sunscreen for those hot Southern California days in the sun. 

Thank you so much.  I look forward to meeting all of you and working with your kids to have a fun and successful year! I’m so proud to be a Panther!


Jeana Calvillo