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Current Assignments

How to log in to the websites

To log in to ThinkCentral:  USERNAME: student's first initial of their first name followed by their last name and last 3 numbers of their lunch number/ID, no spaces (it is their district email)   PASSWORD:  Csd followed by their lunch number/ID, no spaces.

To log in to RazKids:   Classroom teacher name:  lanebaima (no capital, no spaces)  Then find student's first name in the class roster.   PASSWORD:  their lunch number/ID

Miss Lane Baima Locker

Miss Lane Baima

All About Me!

Hello!  I am thrilled to be teaching first grade here at Poinsettia Elementary.  I will have just as much fun as the kids while we learn, experiment, and grow this year.
My personal goal is to make school an enjoyable, safe environment and instill a love for learning that will continue to flourish throughout their years.  I am so very excited to get to know each student and their families. I know that teaching is the best job for me because it lets me be myself: enthusiastic, fun, and free spirited!  For fun, I like to spend time with my beautiful daughter Delaney.  I also enjoy running at the beach, going to Disneyland, listening to music, making all sorts of art projects, reading books and I collect frogs!

Please check out the websites posted as resources.  They are very helpful for all students and parents!!!

Please email me with any questions you may have!

Character Traits



District-wide Character Traits:

Citizenship  --  September

Responsibility  --  October

Cooperation  --  November

Caring  --  December

Respect  --  January

Fairness/Justice  --  February

Trustworthiness/Integrity --  March

Perserverance  --  April

Ambition  --  May

On line learning