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Aven Valenty Courtney Brisebois Locker
Mrs. Brisebois
Mrs. Brisebois
Mrs. Valenty
Mrs. Valenty

Daily Schedule

Kindergarten Daily Schedule

Early Bird/Late Owls



Direct instruction





Shared writing

Interactive writing

Independent Writing (Learning Headquarters)



Language Arts (direct instruction)

Phonemic Awareness

Phonics/Word Building/High Frequency Words


Language Arts

Academic and Play Based Centers

Practice Book/Seat Work

Small Group Instruction: On Level/Challenge/ Extra Support


Whole Class

Attendance/Flag/Opening Routine


Social Studies/Science

Reading Comprehension

Art, Music, P.E, Computers, Library

Aven Valenty Courtney Brisebois


Mrs. Brisebois

My name is Courtney Brisebois, and I am a kindergarten teacher at Poinsettia Elementary.  I'm job sharing with Aven Valenty because I am also a mother of two little girls named, Chloe and Claire.  I'm grateful everyday to have the best of both worlds!  I graduated, in May of 2005, from Cal State San Marcos with a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential.    I’m a hard working professional who appreciates children and feels it is important to teach to the needs of every student, knowing that every student's needs are different.    As a teacher, I hope to motivate students in seeking their inner strengths and abilities, while discovering what truly inspires them.  I believe that education is the key to a brighter future!  I look forward to another amazing year!!


Mrs. Valenty

My name is Aven Valenty and I teach Kindergarten at Poinsettia Elementary School. My first 2 years I taught at Buena Vista Elementary in the special ed preschool. I went to college at Cal State San Marcos and currently live in Carlsbad. My husband and I have 2 crazy boys. On my days off you will see me chasing after them!!! My oldest is a panther! My passion for teaching began as a child. I always knew I wanted to teach! I believe all kids have the ability to be amazing readers, writers, mathematicians, and scientists!! The potential is endless!! We work hard to push the children to surpass our expectations and be more than ready for 1st grade! In our classroom you will see structure and critical thinking mixed with fun and creativity. Kindergarten is amazing!!

Letters/Sounds-OR-Books In A Baggie

go home every Monday...  Please work with your child through the week and return the baggies every Friday


The homework folder consists of ...

*A (monthly) Calendar: Your child will work on skills daily.  Please initial each box as your child completes the task.  Also attach the paper used to demonstrate the work done. 

*Reading Log: List books read to child or books read by your child.  Initial next to books listed.  Completed logs result in going to the treasure box.  We appreciate you taking the time to read to your child or listen to them read to you!

*Math Pages:  Your child is expected to complete a packet of math pages.  The math pages with be review of the lessons taught previously in class.  Please guide your child as needed.

* In addition- worksheets with skills needed to be practiced are also periodically added to the monthly homework.  These pages are more individualized depending on your child and the skills they need to practice.

Note: The homework folder will go home at the beginning of every month and be returned to the teacher (blue basket) at the end of every month.



District Wide Character Traits:

September - Citizenship

October- Responsibility

November- Cooperation

December - Caring

January- Respect

February - Fairness/Justice

March - Trustworthiness/Integrity

April - Perserverance

May - Ambition

Year at a glance..

Language Arts Monthly Guide


*Theme 1: (September) - Look at Us!

The theme concept is: We’re getting to know ourselves and each other.

On going thread throughout: Critical Thinking

*Theme 5: (Sept/Oct) - Let’s Count!

The theme concept is: Numbers are important to us in many ways.

*Theme 2: (Oct) - Colors All Around.

The theme concept is: We see beautiful colors everywhere.

On going thread throughout: Critical Thinking

*Theme 4: (November) - Friends Together.

The theme concept is: Friends have lots of fun together

*Theme 3: (Nov/Dec) - We’re a Family.

The theme concept is: Families work, play, and celebrate together.

*Theme 7: (December) - Wheels Go Around.

The theme concept is: Wheels help us work and play, sometimes in unexpected ways

*Theme 6: (Jan/Feb) - Sunshine and Raindrops.

The theme concept is: Whatever the weather, it affects us every day!

*Theme 9: (March) - Spring is Here.

The theme concept is: Spring is a wonderful season of new growth.

*Theme 8: (April) - Down on the Farm.

The theme concept is: The farm is a busy place for animals and for people, too.

*Theme 10: (May/June) - A World of Animals.

The theme concept is: Interesting animals are everywhere!


Math Monthly Guide


September- Shapes (flat shapes, Numbers (# 0-5)

October- Counting and Cardinality (# 6-10) & Comparing and ordering numbers (0-20)

November- Numbers to 20

December- Understanding Addition (finding sums)

January- Understanding Subtraction (Finding the difference)

February- Numbers to 100 (100th day of school)

March- Composing/Decomposing Numbers (using manipulative to find different ways to make sums # 11-20) & Measurement

April- Sorting, Classifying, Counting, and Categorizing Data

May/June- Shapes (cubes, sphere, etc)