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Although we, like all schools, are working hard to keep our students and faculty safe in the times of the pandemic we are excited to welcome you back! Rest assured, your PTA remains committed to its role in working with teachers, staff and parents to enhance and enrich the school experience for all our students. We appreciate your ongoing support as we embark on this unique journey together!


Mary Cuzens - PTA President

How does the PTA support our school?

The PTA is a group of dedicated parents and staff who donate time, services or money to support our school.  Combined with annual contributions from our student’s families, and money raised through our school events, the PTA can support our school in ways that wouldn’t otherwise be afforded. Thanks to this community of amazing parents and staff, each child is given opportunities to have a successful learning experience. 

Poinsettia PTA gives back to the students/school

We believe that our students deserve the very best educational experience, and we look to include programs, events, support, and donations based on the following four concepts.  


We want to help enrich our student’s academic progress by offering programs that are engaging.  These programs will teach through direct experience and reinforce skills taught inside the classroom.


We encourage our teachers & staff to be innovative and have the ability to introduce new skills and concepts. We offer each teacher a mini-grant to financially support these creative initiatives.  It is through this program that students get introduced to robotics, instrument play, art masters and more. Additionally, the PTA fullyfunds the PE & Art programs for our school.  Without this funding, the school would not be able to support those specialty classes. 


We want to inspire students to think about the world around them, and their impact on the world.  We offer this foundation to our students through event participation to demonstrate appreciation of kindness, the people that support them, and additionally give back. 


We want our students + staff to have the very best school! We work with the staff and offer annual donations to the school that benefit our students & teachers! 

what can i do to help?

Mark your calendars! We have three meetings during the school year for our PTA board to update parent members on our programs & fundraising events.   

As a PTA, we take careful consideration for each event, program, and donation to the school. We want to invest our time and funds in what we agree is the best offering for our students + staff. If you want to get more involved in our initiatives, please reach out to us! We welcome donations of services and time, as it takes a village to provide our programs and events!  If you do not have the time, then consider donating to our fundraising events throughout the year.  We encourage you to help us support your child by supporting us today.   

Do you have something to share with the PTA?

If you have something to share with us, such as an upcoming event or community info?

 Please use our form to submit your communication.  We will contact you if you have questions.